Formerly CCR®2017/GreenQuebex®/BCQuads® - Supplying 30+ Stores In Canada!

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What We Are

We Are Licensed Under The Canadian MMPR(ii) As A CBD-Infused (Cannabidiol) Food Manufacturing & Distrubition Company.

We Operate Through 3 Major Facilities In British Columbia And Ontario, Allowing Us To Provide All Of Canada, East To West, With The Quickest Online Service Possible!

We Are A Network Organisation Amalgamated From Multiple Private ACMPR/MMAR/MMPR Growers And Former Companies Including CCR®2017, AsterionCannabis®, GreenBTCDelivery®, GreenQuebex®, 24KFarms® And BCQuads®.

What We Do & How We Do It

We Are Constantly Working With The 6 Best Cannabidiol Isolation Laboratories Across Canada To Always Provide The Purest CBD For Our Edibles! 

We Require 1 Full Day For Edibles As We ALWAYS Create Them In Our Closest Facility Starting As Soon As We Accept Your Payment!

This Allows Us To Provide You The Freshest And Best Edibles Possible Every Single Time You Order!

Interac eTransfer Payments

We Are Now Accepting Interac eTransfers At Checkout For The Safest, Quickest And Easiest Way To Pay Discreetly And Securely!

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